11 February 2010

Win Pua's Palace - The Ultimate Travel Package

If you're like me, you often dream of traveling to indulge in the best riding, having your own personal restroom pre-race, having a warm shower after races, an exceptionally comfortable place to camp that doesn't leave those impossible "cricks" in your back, a kitchen where you can immediately make a meal without even having to leave the venue. Ah, the luxury!

The good news is, you don't have to be PRO for all of this to be yours! PRO mountain biker Pua Sawicki is raffling off her 2006 Carriage C-Force Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler and her 2008 F-250 4X4 Crewcab to pull it anywhere you can dream of taking it. Both of these "toys" have all the bells and whistles - from heated seats and navigation to a full bike garage with storage drawers and work bench! This could be the best raffle ticket you've ever purchased. There is no doubt that you would be the envy of cyclists everywhere - I promise. But, check it out for yourself:

The skinny:

Tickets are only $40, and you can fill out an entry form online at the Team Mata Raffle Page. You will complete this entry, receive a confirmation emailand the address to where you should mail your payment (snail mail or PayPal). Once your payment is received and cleared, you will receive an email with your official ticket number, and your ticket is officially in the bowl! The winning ticket will be drawn on April 3rd in conjunction with Ron and Pua's race - Yucaipa Dirt Classic at Wildwood Canyon State Park. The winner will be notified immediately! The rest of the raffle details as well as the prize specs can be found on the Team Mata Raffle Page.

Why would anyone ever want to give up this dreamy travel rig? Well, to compete in the 2012 Olympic games, racers need to accumulate World Cup points. If you check out the 2010 World Cup Schedule, you'll find that only one of those races is here in the States. So, 1) Though we all wish we could, we can't drive to Houffalize, and 2) Getting there is going to cost some coin. Your participation in this raffle - in addition to affording you a shot at a super sweet travel setup - will be providing direct support for Pua as she goes for her dream of representing the USA in 2012. How cool is that?


Sherri said...

I'd say this is a cool raffle for a good cause. Thanks for the info!

nickleonard said...

just baught a ticket. thanks!!! not sure what i'm gonna do with it when i win but its for a good cause like Sherri said.

nickleonard said...

Looks like they pushed the drawing date back some.