18 August 2009

Back in the Saddle... Almost

New music. Speakers on.

I apologize for my temporary leave of absence from the blog. I had a little surgery almost a month ago now, and will hopefully be back on the bike in about two weeks - just in time for 'cross! In the meantime, I've cranked up my literary intake, expanding onto a whole new shelf, and I even picked up a first edition of Faulkner's Pylon! Pretty exciting stuff! I've also been experimenting with some whole grain baking, thanks to Matt at Bob's Red Mill. Going whole grain definitely takes a bit more practice, but that's why I have the Bob's Red Mill Baking Bible. It's absolutely worth it; the food tastes sooo much better, and it's obviously a whole lot better for you, too. Check out their blog for some recipes!

My other projects have included the creation of a new CX squad via the shop, through our partnerships with Bob's Red Mill and Rocky Mountain Bicycles. We've got six riders, and it's going to be totally awesome! And the development of the new shop website: http://www.mountainbikedepot.net. The new site definitely wouldn't have been possible without some help from Joe; he knows all the cool codes. We've got it set up with a blog as the front, so content will stay fresh, and then we have links at the top with info about the shop, services we offer, trail maps galore, local rides, our events, and shop specials. Right now we've got six '08 bikes that are priced to make room for the new.

I also got the okay to pick up running about a week ago. I'm slow. Very slow. Much slower than I remembered. But, it feels good to be doing something active, and the timing is right heading into CX.

Since I might be starting the season a bit slower, I bought some bling new wheels and tyres, so at least I'll look super PRO, since folks will likely have a longer chance to scope my setup!

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