18 April 2009

In the presence of greatness

Yesterday I had a very bad day.

I vowed to myself, and to Aaron, that today would be a better day.

I didn't sleep especially well; someone took it upon himself to bang on something in the cafe parking lot behind our house for what seemed like an hour. I was convinced that someone was breaking into our basement to steal the bikes. So, naturally, I couldn't sleep even after the ruckus ended. Good thing #1: Someone was NOT breaking into my basement to steal my bikes.

I then had the luxury of letting Aaron open the shop while I slept a little longer. Around 9:45AM, I woke up, played a little guitar, and then went out for a ride on my Element. Good things #2-5.

While on my ride, I learned a few things: 1. I really like my tire setup. 2. I need to run under 25psi in the rear, else I bounce on technical climbs. 3. Aaron is a fork setup God. Whatever voodoo he prescribes to, I want to learn. 4. Mandrola's dog might be a little faster on the climbs, but I'll destroy him on a descent.

After my ride, I wanted to ensure that I was putting everything in focus. I really am surrounded by greatness. See for yourself:

Though, I've got to admit, none of these photos were the first place I went for inspiration. In truth, when I woke up this morning, all I had to do was look next to me to make my heart pitter patter. Many of you have been waiting to see these bad boys for weeks:

If you're not sure what you're looking at, those are my pride and joy that I tuck in next to my bed each and every evening. Yes, I'm serious. Read Aaron's comment on Molly Cameron's blog. Those beautifully glazed confections are limited edition A. Dugast tyres made specifically for the 2003 World Championships in Monopoli. These are the infamous, mythical "unflattable" tyres coated in pink lingerie latex that Bart Wellens rode across the finish line to take the WC title. If you're still not sure what makes these tyres so special, check this out:

CS: Why don’t top-brands like Michelin and Vittoria manufacture these kinds of tires?

Because the development costs way too much money in view of the amount of tires you sell. There were only 30 tires like the ones in Monopoli for example, while the development process cost some 1250€.

You read that right. 30. I own two.

Furthermore, those tyres are perfectly nestled on highly sought 15mm Campagnolo Barcelona 92 rims, not the 12mm. They are boxy, deep, and beautiful. But wait, there's more. In the center, those are 9spd Record hubs. Yes, 9spd. The Record of Record hubs, as Aaron likes to say. There is an injection port in the center of the hub that allows them to be regreased without removing anything but the cap. Insane. I put the rear in the truing stand and spun it, sat down to grade a stack of CCA's, and my head finished spinning before the wheel.

So, basically, I don't know how I could ever have even let myself have a bad day. I live my life in the company of greatness.

P.S. If you had any doubts, the tyres indeed came from none other than:
I doubt I could've gotten them on my own. I couldn't even manage to buy a car from a car lot.

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bsegal said...

Those are some sweet hoops sista! Loved the background story on the latex coating. Thanks for cheering for the back of the pack yesterday. And we'll work on the car thing...sillyness.