09 November 2008

In the Midst

Hello All, you join us in the middle of our first cyclocross season as Chrysalis Ventures Racing. Mary and I have been hitting up our regional series OVCX, which includes some big league UCI races.

We have really poured ourselves into this program and have had great feedback and results from our relationships that we've forged. Its been nice to shake up the local community with some fresh influences and product. I think my favourite new addition is Gaerne shoes. They are the first shoes that really support my entire foot. They have a nice snug feel, with super-trick locking straps on, and nice aluminum ratchet. All of this pales in comparison to the PRO red and white finish.

This weekend became a nice R&R weekend, with a couple nice MTB rides and some cooler temps. We had an awesome breakfast today at a great local place in downtown Louisville. It's called Toast, and is much more than a couple slices of bread with butter. They have the absolute best french toast, eggies, and hashbrown casserole. It felt good to fill our bellies with food that tasty. It was a great week to just take it easy and enjoy the nice fall weather.
This next weekend we travel to Lexington, KY to another OVCX Series race. I've never raced there, so that always makes for an exciting weekend. We'll both be ready to go, and I know I'm praying for rain.
Stay tuned folks, from time to time we'll check in and keep everyone updated, and we'll try to share some of the cool products from our sponsors that we are so lucky to have.

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